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AZULIK Uh May | Tulum, Mexico 

Showcasing Exceptional Sustainable Museum Architecture & Innovative Creative Spaces

AZULIK Uh May is described as “a creative project nestled in the deep lush of the Mayan jungle”, quietly exists in a peaceful area just outside the central part of Tulum, Mexico.

Its purpose is to serve as a distinguished platform for visionary visual artists from across the globe, offering them an avenue to showcase their innovative works. Beyond that, it seeks to enrich the experience of Tulum visitors, providing them with a unique opportunity to engage with and immerse themselves in the world of contemporary artistry.

Renowned architect Roth's commitment to environmentally conscious design is evident in each architectural masterpiece, meticulously crafted to leave no carbon footprint—a philosophy that strongly aligns with our values.


Eco-Travel Digital Media created multiple short form videos for Instagram reels. Along with Lifestyle Photography and Property Photography showcasing the sustainable and eco-initiatives apparent throughout their innovative sustainable architecture. Main goal was lifestyle photography with human in only 20% of photo to highlight architecture. We brought on board Danny McGee, esteemed FPV drone flyer, for this project.


Content was utilized for social media purposes on AZULIK Instagram platform receiving 78k views. Utilizing Eco-Travel Digital Media's partnership with Luxury World Traveler, a reel highlighting AZULIK Uh May received 90k views.

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