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Selma, Texas, U.S.A.

Annual Event Achieves 2x Surge in Presold Tickets


Blue Bonnet Palace is a multifaceted establishment, encompassing a lively dancehall, a vibrant nightclub, and a welcoming bar and three restaurants. This iconic music venue is located in the heart of Selma TX, and hosts top-tier musical performances, creating an atmosphere that invites patrons to immerse themselves in the rhythm and energy of the Lone Star State! Blue Bonnet Palace promises a true Texas experience, offering an authentic taste of Southern entertainment and hospitality.

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In first conversation, Blue Bonnet Palace's communicated the challenges they were faced with when trying to represent the authentic, personable, and true country experience of Blue Bonnet Palace online.

Before working with Eco-Travel Digital Media, Blue Bonnet Palace relied heavily on its in-person community with regulars frequenting the bar and minimal online presence. They expressed feeling overwhelmed by social media, finding it challenging to create content and maintain consistent posting across various platforms. Despite having a substantial following, their posts lacked reach and engagement, further discouraging the manager from actively using social media.

Along with social media burnout, they were exhausted from hiring different photographers and videographers and expressed their frustration with not having one person in charge of the creative team to keep content aesthetically consistent as well as in line with their brand values. The content they did receive always just ended up on a hard drive in the office since no one was actively managing their marketing or social media presence.

Before we came in, the online presence of Blue Bonnet Palace lacked an overall strategy, cohesive design, and a sense of community.


The primary objective was to enhance Blue Bonnet Palace's online presence, transforming it from a minimal and inconsistent state to a vibrant and engaging platform that effectively represented the authentic country experience. The goal was to strategically utilize social media and other digital tools to establish a cohesive brand identity, build community engagement, increase sales and overall online visibility.​

Strategies Implemented

  1. Engaging Content Creation: Developed captivating content featuring regular patrons, employees, and collaborating artists to encourage engagement and sharing.

  2. Collaborative Artist Content: Focused on creating content highlighting performing artists to foster collaboration, resulting in increased shares and engagement.

  3. Strategic Content Replication: Conducted market research to identify high-performing posts for country dancehalls and replicated similar engaging content with viral music for enhanced reach.

  4. Utilization of Social Media Tools: Leveraged Instagram and Facebook tools, including stickers, polls, location tags, and live features, to target local audiences and corporate event organizers.

  5. Consistent Posting: Maintained a consistent posting schedule for in-feed and story posts, significantly improving reach and visibility.

  6. Website Redesign: Revamped the website to streamline private event bookings, integrate Eventbrite for event information, and enhance overall visual appeal and user navigation.

  7. Newsletter Creation: Introduced a newsletter for the annual main event, achieving a 58% open rate.

  8. Organic Content Optimization: Optimized organic content, emphasizing high-performing materials to broaden organic reach, hitting 10k+ views on optimized and repurposed content. 

  9. Content Library Development: Established an organized content library for future marketing and social media needs, ensuring a seamless posting process.

Website Before

Website After


The comprehensive social media strategies executed by Eco-Travel Digital Media have yielded substantial results for Blue Bonnet Palace. The venue now experiences consistent follower growth daily, and the once-minimal online presence has transformed into an actively engaged and growing community.

The importance of social media marketing is evident in the remarkable increase in ticket sales for the Halloween event, with presold tickets surpassing 400 before the event even began—double the pre-sales from the previous year. Regular patrons express delight at seeing Blue Bonnet Palace on social media, even from the comfort of their homes. Strategic and consistent posting, coupled with targeted engagement, has energized the online community, resulting in line-out-the-door nights and numerous posts reaching thousands of views.

With a focus on organic content optimization, Blue Bonnet Palace has witnessed unparalleled reach, surpassing that of paid advertisements. This achievement not only enhances the venue's visibility and engagement but also translates into significant cost savings on their advertising expenditures.


Continuing into 2024, Eco-Travel Digital Media remains committed to elevating Blue Bonnet Palace's online presence, further solidifying its position as a vibrant and engaging country dancehall and music venue.



Email Marketing: 58% Open Rate for Newsletter

Website: Traffic over Time for Unique Visitors, note mainly New Visitors

Profile Visits from March 2023-August 2023
compared to March 2022-August 2022

Account Reach from May 2023 to August 2023
compared to Dec 2022 to April 2023 for Instagram and Facebook.

Note: higher overall reach, higher reach from organic content than paid ads, and higher posting frequency on both platforms.

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