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Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, U.S.A.

Holiday Campaign Photoshoot and Social Content

Blue Moon Rising is the ideal getaway for eco-conscious travelers looking to unplug, unwind, reset and relax. It is located in Maryland right next to Deep Creek Lake State Park. All cabins have a distinct personality of their own, uniquely designed with reclaimed or recycled materials to keep sustainability in mind. Blue Moon Rising was recognized by Travelers Choice Award in 2022 for it's incredible eco-hotel and wedding venue.


Eco-Travel Digital Media has worked with Blue Moon Rising on multiple occasions for various projects ranging from professional hotel photography to holiday lifestyle imagery designed to showcase the hotel's family-oriented and dog-friendly property in an effort to create Black Friday and Holiday campaign assets.


Eco-Travel Digital Media's content has been consistently utilized on the hotel's social channels and website. 

"Eco-Travel Digital Media has worked with Ironistic & Blue Moon Rising, for several years now. They do influencer and digital media promotion for Blue Moon Rising and have helped this business grow their following with their professional and organic content. They communicate well and are always very efficient. If you are looking for a content marketing agency, digital media experts, or someone to elevate your brand, Christine with Eco-Travel Digital Media is the person for the job!"

-Ava Ashbury, SMM for Ironistic and Blue Moon Rising Eco-Hotel


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