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San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

Luxury World Traveler Collaboration with Historic Eco-Luxury Villa

Property Photography

Lifestyle Photography

Drone Photo & Video

Creative Direction


Short-Form Video

LUXWT Exposure

TikTok Post


The Pink Palace is a Historic Villa built in 1935 in the heart of downtown San Antonio, Texas. It rents out as a luxury Airbnb with 5 bedrooms all with king beds. We refer to it as a retreat because, in addition to luxurious bedrooms, it features a pool, hot tub, media room, and a separate unit with its own attached bathroom and kitchen, ensuring privacy. Everything in this incredible eco-luxury villa is up-cycled and repurposed. - Just the kind of historic eco-luxury villa we are here for! 


Eco-Travel Digital Media helped enhance The Pink Palace online presence and create marketing materials for holiday campaigns. Short-form video for Instagram reels were delivered along with lifestyle, property, and drone photography. A collaboration with Luxury World Traveler (3M+ followers) was arranged via Eco-Travel Digital Media, drastically increasing exposure for the historic eco-luxury villa. The goal was to increase bookings for the property. 


The Pink Palace received an abundant amount of lifestyle and property photos to utilize for their social media presence. Along with holiday content for marketing campaigns. Just 1 day after posting in collaboration with LUXWT, The Pink Palace had received two bookings - "Its working!" is what the owner messaged us in good spirits! 


Lets Do It!

Elevate Your Eco-Luxury Appeal and Transform Your Content into a Booking Powerhouse!

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